Best pizza in the springs; worth the money.
2016-Aug-05 07:13 PM

Growing up in New York I speak from experience this Pizza is Amazing. a true taste of New York.
2016-Feb-22 10:53 AM

To die for!! So tender! Great flavor.
2015-Sep-11 11:02 AM

Great tasting pork chop. Extra thick, not to sweet, just right. Fries and grilled veggies were also great. Tried to add a pic of my plate to show how empty it was but couldn't get it on here. Well worth it.
2015-Jun-22 06:57 PM

Some of the best pizza I have had. The crust has a hint,of garlic and the sauce is PERFECT! Been wanting to try something different, but this one is so good, it's hard to experiment!
2015-May-22 04:58 PM